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Dr. Elena Krasnov, N.D.

Toronto Naturopathic Clinic’s Group Weight Loss Program

I’ve helped people like you obtain and maintain a healthy weight. Whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, I believe that every body can be a blessing, not a curse. I dedicate myself to working with you to achieve long-lasting results through stable and sustainable weight management.

I designed this group program to give you:
✅ A greater sense of accountability as members are encouraged to track and share their progress AND their challengers.

✅ More motivation to stick to your plan by encouraging each other.

✅ Emotional support and empathy, which is especially helpful during difficult times when members struggle to break through the next plateau.

✅ The social connection, community, and sense of belonging which is especially helpful for people who feel isolated from others or alone in their struggles.

Space is limited to 10 patients per cohort and I aim to launch June 1st, 2023 so fill out any form on this page to show your interest!


This is for you if you…

... are diabetic or pre-diabetic

Learning as much as possible about your condition can help you make long term healthy choices, both in the moment and over a lifetime.


... want to reach your healthy weight

Learn about several lifestyle measures to support and enhance your healthcare routine and better your overall health.

... struggle with food cravings

Your relationship with food is as important as the actual food you eat. Work with your food, not against it.

Your Instructor

Dr. Elena Krasnov, N.D.

I help people like you feel their best by infusing the scientific advances of Western medicine with Naturopathic practices and contemporary philosophies.

My holistic and comprehensive approach to wellbeing supports and stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself. In my practice, patient and doctor work together to unblock the path to true and lasting wellness.

You’re well taken care of, as I meticulously continue my lifelong study of immunology and healthy aging. I commit my practice to three things:

1. Enhancing your quality of life
2. Encouraging your participation in the healing process
3. Continually integrating new research