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Reclaiming Lost Stamina

Jun 2, 2022 | The Healthy Way Newsletter

A loss of stamina can affect our physical well-being and our mental health, so it can be pretty alarming if you’re suddenly out of breath and out of energy. It’s a tough realization to swallow that you now have difficulty doing what used to come easily, making us shy away from trying new things or participating in the activities we’ve always loved. Decreased stamina or energy can impact our livelihoods and confidence. But this doesn’t need to be embarrassing, and it doesn’t need to mean you can’t enjoy life anymore. There are ways to get your energy back!

What causes decreased stamina?

A range of factors can contribute to a loss of energy and fatigue. Some common causes of decreased stamina include insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality, high stress, low iron, allergies, thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances, depression, and adrenal fatigue. Your decreased stamina may be caused by some consistent factor in your life that’s only now progressed to this very noticeable stage. Alternatively, there’s a chance that your loss of energy is a symptom of another condition or ailment. But don’t fret; naturopathy looks at the big picture. We help figure out exactly where the problem is coming from so you can reclaim your stamina in a time and money-efficient way.

Available naturopathic treatments for loss of stamina

At your appointment, we cross-reference your self-report questionnaires with the results of our in-house Electro-Interstitial Scan.

An initial assessment is crucial to determining the root cause of your stamina loss. Our suggestions will depend entirely on what else might be bothering you, as we know that every person experiences the same symptoms differently and for different reasons. As soon as we can identify the cause of your loss of stamina, we can assess which type of treatment will best suit you. This might involve supplements, lifestyle changes to improve sleep hygiene, or efforts to help balance your hormones.

If your loss of stamina affects your life, contact us today to book a naturopathic assessment. Together, we can work out the root cause of your energy loss and get you back to you the gym, boardwalk, and forest.

Even though we are doctors, we are not your doctors. Talk to your doctor first if you have serious medical concerns.

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