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Low Mood? Get Out of That Funk!

Jun 2, 2022 | The Healthy Way Newsletter

We all have low days where every little thing just won’t go our way. But sometimes, this feeling can persist, stretching out for weeks, months, and in extreme cases, even years. These bouts of low mood can be debilitating and really scary to those suffering from them! you may suddenly lose interest in your hobbies or work, and you may think that nothing really matters anymore.

You must be aware that a low mood, whether sudden or persisting, is NOT a personal failure or character flaw.

 If you’ve been struggling with low mood, we’ll work together to get you on the path back to your chipper self! I offer free, 15-minute introductory consults for us to determine your best course of treatment.

What causes low mood?

It’s always a tough conversation because what comes first: the chemical imbalance or the existential angst?

A consistent dip in mood can be caused by many issues; some are external – like losing meaningful relationships or financial stress – and some are internal. Our bodies are full of carefully balanced systems, and when just one falling out of place may lead to your mood dropping. You might be struggling with too few nutrients and vitamins (particularly B12, zinc, and vitamin D), or you might have a thyroid condition that you weren’t aware of. Even anemia and poor adrenal function can cause mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

Everyone is different, so it is impossible to tell what issues, imbalances, or ailments may contribute to your low mood without learning more about your lifestyle and any other symptoms you might be experiencing. After our conversations, you might realize that there are external factors you hadn’t considered. Perhaps medication or pre-existing conditions might be contributing to your mood. Life is all about perspective, and your mind’s instinctual reactions and outlooks are correlated with your active biochemistry, upbringing, and friend group.

If we find that the chemical imbalance came before existential angst, then naturopathic treatment may be your best course of treatment. If we find the opposite is true, then joint treatment with naturopathy and psychotherapy may be what you need to close in on your best life.

Naturopathic treatments for low mood

We collect information about your body before and during initial appointments. This includes a selection of self-report questionnaires and an Electro-Interstitial Scan

The treatment we suggest for you will entirely depend on what we discover through our appointments and assessments.

For some patients, pharmaceuticals may simply plaster over the real root of your low mood. As naturopaths, we work to treat the whole body and not just the symptom. Many of our treatment suggestions for your low mood target your emotional state and address physiological issues that may contribute to it. We may suggest supplements, inspecting your gut health, a change in lifestyle, or any number of things that research has shown to help combat low mood. Life is too short not to feel like yourself.

Even though we are doctors, we are not your doctors. Talk to your doctor first if you have serious concerns.

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