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Apr 17, 2021 | The Healthy Way Newsletter

Blooming snowdrops are a breath of fresh air, bringing peace in the knowledge that long summer days are almost here. It’s fitting that April is Cancer Awareness Month since the promise of a fruitful harvest in July is powerful motivation to prevent disease.

Proactively approaching your health won’t guarantee superhuman results in the same way world-class insurance won’t guarantee a claimless life. Still, preventative healthcare does more than ensuring a far future. Feeling good enhances our immediate short-term without the hefty premium.

Prevention is more complex than what I’m about to share, but it’s an easy and accessible place to start.

Optimism & Clarity

Being present and living consciously is the most uncomplicated joy we can experience every day.

The variable we need to look at becomes easier to notice, understand, and act on when we shift our attention to the environment immediately outside our own conceptual worlds. If you find it difficult, you can try a “brain dump” and simply write out, in whatever way you like, all the thoughts in between you and the present moment.

I find less resistance to letting go of thought walking through one of Toronto’s many parks, and I’ve never once gotten home feeling more stressed. Though be sure to review the COVID schedule for what parks and trails are open or closed. The situation changes too regularly.

Antioxidants & Phytochemical

Antioxidants aid in removing cellular waste (free radicals) from the body, preventing cell damage. They get a lot of attention nowadays, which is remarkable since they’re so readily available.

Phytochemicals are the chemicals that give all plants their colour, taste, and smell. They make chillis red and spicy, protecting them from predators with colour vision and tastebuds, as well as from diseases and pathogens.

Eating these foods delivers their benefits – the literature shows that curcumin and green tea support phytochemicals’ anti-cancer effects.

Both compounds have anti-cancer properties, and you can get more of them with these recipes.


Sweet Potato Salad

Isothiocyanates and beta-carotene team up to pack a healthful punch in this light yet satisfying salad. Add some grilled salmon or tofu to make it more substantial. You can also cook the sweet potatoes with turmeric.

Iced Honey Green Tea

This take on iced tea is a thirst-quenching beverage that delivers a healthy dose of polyphenols, a phytochemical present in green tea. This might just be the recipe that replaces your Starbucks Refresher!

Raspberry Chocolate Granola

Raspberries + dark chocolate make for a decadent pairing and serve up antioxidants in this satisfyingly crunchy granola recipe.  Throw in some pecans or walnuts for even more antioxidants and added texture.

Yours despite the generalizations,
Dr. Elena Krasnov, N.D.
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