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Genetic Variability Analysis

We become who we are through the interplay of nature and nurture. “Nature” (genotype) is the genes we’re given, while “nurture” (phenotype) is how our lifestyles influence the expression of our genes.

Epigenetics studies “nurture:” the biological mechanisms that turn our genes on or off.

*Toronto Naturopathic Clinic does NOT do in-house genetic tests. It’s up to you to get your genetics tests; it’s up to us to interpret the results. When ordering a genetic test, make sure you opt-in to the genetic health analysis, and not just ancestry.

Medical genetics

In a medical context, genetic predisposition applies to risks of heart disease, cancer, neurological degenerative diseases, and more.

Lifestyle genetics

Genes influence everything about how you are, from hormone production, to metabolic rate, to deciding how intense your workouts should be. Understanding your genetic makeup is essential to a truly personalized treatment plan whenever what works for most doesn’t work for your unique nature-nurture ratio.

Why test?

  • To identify the dietary intake, exercise patterns, and supplementation best fit to your unique genetic composition.

  • Especially useful for patients who don’t respond to typical treatment.