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Sep 15, 2021 | The Healthy Way Newsletter

Functional medicine is a personalized, you-centric approach to healthcare that practitioners use to address the underlying cause of disease. But if I’m the expert, why focus on the patient? Because you’re a person, not a subject, and newfound health won’t last unless you integrate the solutions we find. I can tell you everything about eating healthy, but you won’t see and feel the results if you choose to eat cake for breakfast.

Functional medicine is our detailed discussions of your genetic, biochemical, physiological, psychological, and lifestyle histories. The root cause of every illness can be traced back to one or more of those variables, and finding the cause of your specific pathology is the only way to get rid of unpleasant symptoms for good.

Symptoms of disease indicate an underlying imbalance or pathology from deep within. What works for me may not work for you, and that’s not because supplements are a conspiratorial grift. Illness doesn’t always come with an “if A, then B” solution – bacterial diseases are often over-treated with antibiotics, making stronger bacteria, when the permanent remedy is to remove (or stop adding more) contaminants from the environment. 

The functional medicine approach is why appointments consist of comprehensive intake questions and diagnostic testing. We practice this way because symptoms are a puzzle, and without enough of the pieces, we’ll never see the complete picture of your health.

Functional medicine asks an important but often overlooked question – Why? Why? Why?

Functional Recipes

Our menus need to include accessible recipes as much as they include delicious ones, otherwise it’s too easy to get takeout, prepackaged, or anything other than fresh and intentionally chosen.

Breakfast Smoothie

The satisfyingly easy one-cup breakfast that keeps me full all day!

Orange Fennel Salad

Suuuuper healthy in so many ways – like a better coleslaw!

Halibut & Asparagus

Only 3 ingredients (not counting spices) can feed a hungry family!

Yours no matter the problem,
Dr. Elena Krasnov, N.D.
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I'm Dr. Elena Krasnov, N.D and I've been healing people for decades with my holistic and comprehensive approach to health.

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