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Estro Px



Hormone Support Px provides comprehensive herbal support during times of rapid hormonal changes such as the menopausal transition. The unique combination of herbal extracts contain extremely high levels of phytoestrogens, natural occurring plants substances that bind to estrogen receptor sites and promote estrogen-like activity. In addition, this formula has uterotonic properties and may help to maintain healthy prolactin and progesterone secretion.

The primary herb Pueraria mirifica is extracted at a 100:1 ratio, meaning it took 100 kg of root to make 1 kg of extract. This strong concentration can be efficacious in as little as one week for improving hormonal status and improving symptoms. Pueraria mirifica constituents include Puerarin, Miroestrol, Daidzein, and Genistein all researched individually and collectively to promote hormonal balance and support optimal bone density. Betasitosterol is a common occurring natural plant sterol credited with hormonal balancing effects.

In addition to numerous hormonal balancing effects, this formula also offers calming support during emotional swings associated with times of hormonal fluctuations. The Verbena and Melissa in this formula offer nervous system support and act in part, due to effects on maintaining dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is both mood enhancing and plays a significant role in the metabolism of pituitary hormones including prolactin. The Piper nigrum in this formula dramatically improves the uptake and assimilation of the sterols and active constituents in the entire formula.

Caution: Note that some women may notice breast tenderness and a slight increase in breast size as an effect of taking this supplement.


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