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Cardiac Px formulas help maintain cardiac rate and rhythm. These herbal formulas contain over 10 different cardiac glycosides which research has shown support the maintenance of a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. These formulas preserve and maintain heart tissue and strengthens weak heart action, maintain strength of myocardial contractions by optimizing contractility of individual cardiac muscle fibers, and improve coronary flow, enhancing perfusion to the entire heart.
Cardiac Px Capsules provide an impressive combination of herbs long used to support the heart muscle and used to help nourish the cardiovascular system. The certified organic herbs and the mineral magnesium in this formula have a broad range of effects, including support for cardiac circulation, cardiac muscle fiber contractility and oxygen utilization.
Cardiac Px Titrate is a liquid herbal extract designed to be used in small doses as needed throughout the day. It is particularly suited to people that are sensitive to herbal supplements because doses can be easily adjusted.
Caution: Drug potentiation can occur with these cardiac supplements and with drugs that are used to stabilize tachycardia and arrhythmia such as Digoxin or other drugs or herbs that contain cardiac glycosides.


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