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Take the easiest step to losing weight instead of gaining it


At some points in everyone’s life, the numbers have been either too high or too low, and if you’re like me, you’ve seen both. The struggle can be frustrating, to put it lightly, but losing weight doesn’t need to conflict with enjoying your dinner, and I’d like to show you how easy it can be. I’ve done it before.

Managing your weight absolutely implies changing the numbers losing weight or gaining weight, it’s about achieving and maintaining your healthy weight (one topic we cover in initial appointments).

This specific meal plan is for anyone who’s walked by a bakery or fast food joint and spent more than a few seconds debating with themselves before walking in.


Why losing weight is hard at first


While everyone’s body is different, there are 3 common driving forces behind the inability to lose weight:

      1. Cravings and obsessive thoughts about food
      2. Late-night snacking
      3. Feel hungry all day

I’ve designed the 7-day diet to be sugar, carb, and will power-free (you can get to know me here), all while providing the average person with the right amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fat.


About the diet

We eat what we shouldn’t, when we shouldn’t because food cravings and habitual snacking trigger thoughts about food, and those thoughts make your stomach grumble in preparation for a meal. Repeat this cycle a couple times, and now there’s a delivery person at your door, a newly-emptied snack container, or another frying pan on the stove. The 7-Day Diet is high in protein and low in sugar and starch, to help you:      


              • Reduce cravings and obsessive thoughts about food by 60%
              • Halve the desire for late-night snacking
              • Feel full longer, and simply eat fewer calories per day

And there’s one big added benefit to meal plans, regardless of your weight management goals: they automate the most tedious task, meal tracking. You’ll notice where those extra calories sneak in throughout the day as easily as you remember about the leftover chicken thighs in the fridge.  


*Disclaimer: this meal plan is generally suitable for most people and does not constitute diagnosis or treatment. If you have any known food allergies, or liver or kidney disorders, please consult with your doctor before starting this diet. I can only provide specific treatment to patients in Canada, and offer a free, 15-minute discovery call to all new inquirers.